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Hello everyone! This is Teacher Jessa of CNN International Language School.

Improving your speaking skill in English will help you communicate more

easily and effectively with other people. But how to be a more confident

English speaker? Here are my tips.

1. Practice where you can and when you can.

Any practice is good – whether you speak to a native English speaker

or not. Just try to express your ideas using the English language

anytime and anywhere you are.


  1. Build your confidence.

If possible, use simple English sentence structure. Other people can easily

understand your message if you use the basic sentence pattern of English.

You gain confidence in using the language if they understand you.


  1. Try to make an experiment with the words you know.

Use words and phrases you know in new situations. Native English speakers

will correct you if you use the wrong word. Experimenting with your

vocabulary is a good way of getting feedback from other people.


  1. Don’t speak too fast!

It’s important to use a natural rhythm when speaking English.  Speaking

too fast will be difficult for people to understand you. Remember,

clarity is the most important  word in speaking.


  1. Relax when you speak

When you speak English at normal speed, you’ll discover that many of the

pronunciation skills, such as linking between words, will happen

automatically. You’ll find your mouth does most of the pronunciation work

for you. So just relax.


And here are my tips on how to be a more confident English speaker.

See you next time.