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Hello everyone! I am Teacher Micah from CNN International Language School. Today, I want to share some

tips on how to be an effective communicator.As you may know, being an effective English communicator doesn’t

mean that you have to speak in a fast manner.Let me give you some effective ways to be an effective

English communicator.


  1. Keep it short and simple.


Don’t beat around the bush. Be direct to the point. You should not say everything in details

if you just want to make it longer. Other ESL learners think that if they speak a lot,

they are an effective communicator, but it’s not. You just need to keep it short and simple.

And another thing, you don’t need to use“out-of-this-world” vocabularies to sound smart.

Use the easiest word as much as possible because you need to consider the English level

of the person whom you are talking to.


  1. Widen your vocabulary.


As I have said, you don’t need to use difficult vocabularies to communicate effectively. On the

other hand, you need to widen your vocabulary for listening to speakers in order for you to be

an effective English communicator. For instance, you are watching an American movie,

they used the word “peculiar” in a certain situation, of course, and this word has

a lot of similar meanings.Peculiar means unusual, not common, or rare. They can actually

use easy words,but remember,they are native English speakers, and English is their mother

language, difficult words for non-native English speakers are very common words for them.

Knowing a lot of words doesn’t mean that you have to use them. You need vocabularies

in able for you to understand what other people want to say,whether they are native English

speakers or not.


  1. Smile.


This is a very simple reminder, smile. No one would ever listen to you if you speak without

smiling. Listeners would find it boring or not interesting. Even they want to listen to you, they

would not because they might feel that the speaker’s not enthusiastic or not having interest

in what they say.


Being an effective communicator is the most important thing in communication. If you are an

effective communicator,you can avoid misunderstanding not only at work but in your daily

activities such as in restaurants, shopping malls,

airport and other places.


I hope you learned something from this! Thank you and have a good day!