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282nd What makes writing so important? (ALEX)


What makes writing so important?

Good writing skills are critical for students. As teachers, I think
we would all agree that written communication is just as important
as the oral one. In fact,it is an indispensable component of
education, profession and even the basic functionality in our

Both writing and speaking skills share the same extent of importance
in communication, but more often than not, much concern is given
to the improvement of a student’s oral communication proficiency.

This time let me remind you what makes a good writing skill as important
as fluency in speaking.

First,writing is not just for texting friends, keeping tabs on someone
in your diaries or posting comments on your friend’s newly uploaded
photos. Writing is essential because it is used extensively academically
speaking. If a student has no ability to express himself in writing,
he might have trouble communicating with professors particularly when
he is tasked to submit papers that require writing.

Second,we have to take note that much of professional communication
is done in writing: proposals, memos, reports, application and more parts
of a college student’s daily life. Even the majority of certifications and
licensures demands basic writing skills to obtain.

Third,obviously, good writing skills are important when your job involves
writing, be it as a journalist or public relations professional – that goes
without saying.In addition, the inability to write makes for a stillborn
career. Any time a profession necessitates written communication,
writing becomes of great importance.

Lastly,people with good writing skills are generally seen as more credible.
Better writers also tend to get higher grades and be perceived as more
intelligent than their less literary counterpart.

Thank You!

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