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281st 10 steps to improvingyour English pronunciation and language skills. (MARILYN)


Good afternooneveryone. This is the continuation of my topic
which is 10 steps to improvingyour English pronunciation and
language skills.

4. Repetitive Practice.
Now that you are aware of your errors, you need to routinely practice the correctedpronunciation
(or correct syntax, vocabulary use, etc.). Practice again andagain.
I suggest that you practice out loud at home. Listen to the soundsthat you produce, and compare
these sounds to native speakers. Ask yourself questions when you pronounce thesounds,
such as “How is my mouth moving?” “Where is my tongue?” “Are my vocalchords vibrating?
” Notice the physical aspects of pronunciation.

With practice, you can develop the imperative habit of self-correction. Be so aware and in tunewith
the sounds of English that you can notice and hear your own errors. Thisability to self-correct can
only come from the above steps of monitoring andawareness.

6. Write down yourquestions.
There are plenty of times when all of us wonder how toexpress something in another language,
but then do nothing with thosequestions! When you are unsure of how to say or ask something
in English, writeit down so that you can ask a native speaker,

7. Keep a runningvocabulary list.
Be organized. Write down vocabulary that you want tolook up but don’t have time to at that moment
Make a habit of reviewingvocabulary. If you don’t do this, you can easily forget new words before
theyare locked into your long term memory.

That’s all fortoday and Have a nice day.

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