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TOEIC®  Test of English for International Communication is an exam that focuses on communication skills in English which targets

who are not native speakers to evaluate the practical English skills necessary for everyday life or international affairs. In 1979, the United

States ETS (Educational Testing Service) developed this and since then 120 countries and 10,000 organizations in the world has utilized

this for the purpose of selecting and promoting personnel. It was introduced in our country in 1982.

Configuration Part ContentsNumber of ItemsTimeScoring  
Listening Comprehension 1Photographs10
2Question-Response3010045 minutes 495 points
3Short conversations30
4Short Talks30
Reading Comprehension
5Incomplete Sentences
(grammar / vocabulary)
4010075 minutes495 points
6Text Completion1210075 minutes495 points
7Reading ComprehensionSingle Passages 2810075 minutes495 points
Double Passages 2010075 minutes495 points
Total 7parts200 items120 minutes 990 Points

Part Details

Part 1 Photographs-You will listen to four statements about a picture.

-These statements are not printed and will be heard just once.

Select the sentence that best describes the picture.
Part 02 Question-Response-You will listen to statement or question followed by three possible responses in English.

-They are not printed and will be heard just once.

-Select the best response.
Part 03 Short Conversations.-You will listen to short conversations in English.
-These conversations are not printed and will be heard only once.
-You will be asked to answer three questions for each conversation.
-Select the best response.
Part 04 Short Talks-You will listen to several shorts talks in English.
-These talks are not printed and will be heard just once.
-You will be asked three questions for each talk.
-Select the best response.
Part 05 Incomplete Sentences-A word or phrase is missing in each sentence.
-Four choices are given. Select the best answer to complete the sentence.
Part 06 Text Completion-Four choices are given to complete the sentences.
-Select the best answers.
Part 07 Reading
A selection of texts is given for you to read.
-Each text is followed by several questions.
-Select the best answer for each question.


Toeic® Reading / Toeic® VOCA 1:1(2hrs) + Toeic® Speaking(2hrs) + Group Toeic® L/C (2hrs) + Group ECP/ECF L/C (2hrs)

Take receipt: CNN language school / Hopkins’ TOEIC office (Makati) class cost: 1.6 million won / 8 weeks


Class Type TOEIC Sections Descriptions
Toeic Reading
/Toeic Vocabulray
-Completing sentences
-Verb tense
-Degree of comparisons
-Test completion
-Reading comprehension
Comparing and contrasting
Word forms
Toeic Speaking
Reading a text aloud
Checking pronounciation and stress
Describing pictures
Respond to questions with relevance to the text
Completeness of contents
Respond to questions using information provided
Propose a Solution
Express an opinion
Group Study (2hrs)
Toeic Listening
Short conversation strategies
Short talk strategies
Group Study (ESL 2hrs)
Improving fluency in speaking
Improving coherency
Group discussion in different situations
Formulating a spoken response



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