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Spartan Dormitory


SPARTA Dormitory features:

  • Cozy Accommodation
    • Each room has toilet and bath, TV, refrigerator, DVD, air – conditioning, electric fan and WiFi
    • Cleaning and laundry services are provided
    • Recreational equipment
    • Spacious, stylish clean rooms conducive for studying
  • Intensive Education
    • One and a half hour of Remedial Study Time
    • Weekly / Monthly Vocabulary Test
    • RST Activities

All of these are assisted and guided by RST Supervisor and resident teachers

  • Security and Safety
    • To avoid any untoward incidents, strict curfew is implemented. Students are allowed to go out only on weekends.
    • To ensure safety, there is a security guard on watch 24/7.


SPARTA Dormitory does not only provide accommodation but education as well. Through Remedial Study Time (RST) the students can maximize their learning progress with RST teachers.


CNN’s location is accessible to various place of your choice like:

  • Prestigious universities (University of the Philippines, UST etc.)
  • Modern hospitals / Health care
  • Quezon City Circle Park
  • Golf Courses
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants, Café and more

Whether you go on foot or opt for transportation convenience, your are just a stone-throw away!