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Undeniably the Best

  • 24-hour exposure to English guarantees success in a language training program
  • RST program sets the difference between CNN and other schools

In the past 18 years, CNN continuously supplements the needs and weaknesses of the students.


  1. A teacher in charge and group members creates an educational friendly atmosphere.
  2. In the process, the students will gain an understanding of their weaknesses with the assistance of the teacher and the group as a whole,thereby creating a support–based RST group.
  3. As a result, students taking part in Sparta course improve their English Language skill in a short period of time.
  4. Based on the student’s participation in the RST topic discussion and the result of their weekly test, the RST teacher will submit an RST report to the student’s module class teacher. The report contains the weekly weaknesses of the students for further help, explanation and understanding of the students. This is a collaborative assistance between the RST teacher and the module class teacher.
  5. Furthermore, RST program provides a 1 + 1 or 2 + 2 rooms. It means that a student will have the chance to live with a local teacher thereby maximizing the student’s time in the study of English. It is a room which provides a more chances of practicing the English language.

■ Sparta RST Program (12 hours)

▶ 1:1 CNN Module Class (2 hrs) + 1:1 OPIC (1 hr) + 1:1 WAP (1 hr) + Small

Group A (1 hr) + Small Group B (1 hr) +LC (2 hrs) + Open Class (optional) RST

class (1 hr) + RST Vocabulary Study (30 mins) + RST self – study time (2 hrs)


 sparta1_01  sparta1_02  sparta1_03
1 + 1 or 2 + 1 Room Arrangement Living with the teacher provides longer hours of practicing English in a very friendly manner. RST Study This class will compensate individual weak points. RST provides study of English day in, day out.
 sparta2_01  sparta2_02  sparta2_03
Speech Contest This program boosts up student’s confidence. Additionally, it is an overall application of their English skill.
Vocabulary Test 
This program helps the student to understand the words they have studied and helps them improve their retention skill. The program doesn’t stop from sharing vocabularies, they also need to remember the word during their weekly vocabulary test.
Monthly Ceremony of Awarding
At the end of the month, the student who consistently obtains high score in their weekly test; actively participating in the topic discussion and regularly attending RST class will receive the “Most Outstanding Award” with prizes.