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Refund Policies


1. Refund Policy Institute

A. Fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

B.Predeparture if you cancel registration must be in writing and apply to the agents, if you cancel your registration three weeks before the departure may refund the amounts excluding the cost of tuition and dormitory minutes two weeks, since the departure if you cancel one day may be entitled to a refund of the amount excluding the cost of the four main distribution dormitory.

C.The application must apply in person a written refund after departure the entire registration training. Training cost can be 50% refund of the remaining amount at the time of your refund request on the basis of a period of less than 25% and, in the case of the training progression after 25% refund the request is imposible.

D.Will be refunded 50% of the remaining increase training costs refund requests to the accident or the immediate family of the person’s illnes. In this case, the trainee shall submit the proof (medical certificat), all measures refund will be refunded within 30 days through the school office. (Only applicable when the remaining training period is left over for more than 4 weeks).

E.If canceled extend registration schedule two weeks before the start of the one case, and can apply for a refund of 50% on training costs, and refund request is impossible.

F.The minimum registration period of refund request (8 weeks) or less, the minimum attendance is not mandatory refung is applicable.

The cut class and class delay

A.Observe the opening of a course day or not, for all absences due to non-arrival partial refund and compensatino are not made.

B.Taking place outside the school grounds or in the control of, natural disasters (hurricanes, power outages, earthquakes, etc.) if this class due to reasons of force majeure is not such as to not proceed, the school does not accept any liability, compensation will also be done.

3. Toegyo

Due to non-compliance with school rules if toegyo action has not been made any refund, trainees about him, can not hold any responsibility in school.


Dorm Refund Policy

A.If you requested refund on the basis of 25% of the total admitted within the time period, Deurimyeo refund minus 50% from the residence using the number of days, if you request a refund at the time of the next 25%, the refund is not possible.

B.In the case of requesting a refund due to an accident or illness of their immediate families will refund 50% of the time and the rest period, regardless of residence. In this case, trainees shall submit the proof, the refund withing 30 days through t he school office.

C.If the residence due to non-compliance with regulatory actions that departure hast not been made any refund, trainees can not hold any responsibility for them to dormitory manager.