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The following places can be explored in one day. They are ideal to visit

either in a group or individually. However, for economical visit, travelling in a

group is highly recommended. These places are ideal for outing, adventures,

picnic or sightseeing.





It is a two–hour away from Manila. Experience the extreme boating with

the well–experience boatman as your guide. Boating is a well–worth experience

before seeing the falls. You will be brought to the falls with a small boat

maneuvered by a boatman with the use of hands and feet only. It is the best

place to cool down during summer. This place is highly recommended.







One of the scenic spots in Tagaytay is the Taal Volcano. It is a dormant

volcano. To see the crater, one must have to take a boat and climb up to the top

of the volcano. Horseback riding is also available to go near the volcano. Around

the volcano, there are lots of places ideal for sightseeing, picture taking, picnic

and adventure. A must see place for all the foreigners.





The hidden Valley is known for its hot spring. It is a great place to take a

break from the busy lifestyle in the city. This place can be a final destination after

visiting Tagaytay or Pagsanjan falls. Hidden Valley offers a relaxing mood

especially at night.





Laguna is a good place for a road trip. Villa Escudero is one of the best

places to visit in Laguna. A pleasant two hour drive through scenic countryside

brings you to a historic colonial plantation and rural life of the 1800’s. Man-made

waterfalls, museums and a wagon driven by a buffalo are just few of the exciting

activities inside Villa Escudero. It is a great experience to try.



Antipolo is just about an-hour-drive from manila. It offers a superb night

view of metro Manila. Restaurants, bar and private pools are around Antipolo.

This is a good place to have a break from the usual night life in the city.




Macapagal is known for its seafood market and restaurant. It offers various

fresh seafood and cooks in the way you wanted it to be cooked. This place is

near to the biggest shopping mall in the Philippines, the Mall of Asia; it is also

near manila Bay where you can see the stunning beauty of Manila sunset. Shop,

drink and eat? Macapagal Avenue is the place.