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English basic & Life memory

CNN International Language School is located in the premier city of the Philippines, Quezon City. Located nearby are the University of the Philippines (the academic equivalent of the government-owned Seoul National University in South Korea) and the leading private university, Ateneo de Manila University (academically comparable to the privately-owned Yonsei University).  The presence of these two most prestigious universities in the country creates an ideal learning environment.

CNN school is right beside another exclusive private school with a large parish church, making the place a very safe area.  Aside from being a cultural and educational center, Quezon City is also host to major infrastructures such as shopping malls, giant private media networks ABS-CBN and GMA, and several national government administrative offices. The local government ensures students’ safety. This city is thus the best place to learn not only language but also about different cultures and communities in the Philippines.  Not far from this city are easily accessible famous historical sites, ecological and marine leisure attractions and other advanced facilities.