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Inside CNN


CNN Institute conducts various activities inside the school. The objective is to create

precious memories while increasing interest in studying English.


Level tests are held monthly, as well as presentations conducted by the students themselves

with the aid of their teachers. The purpose is to figure out the weaknesses of the students

in order for them to improve. The teachers comment on every test as well as on the

presentations. The witty comments of the teachers make the experience educational and at

the same time, fun and memorable for the students.


Everyone is treated the same in the group class—whether professionals or students. The

speaking exercises in group class develop the confidence of the students to speak before a

crowd. Thus, they overcome the tension they feel when they use English. They are able to

harness this new skill through the presentations performed by the group members

themselves in front of the other students and teachers as spectators.


This happens on the last week of the student’s last month in CNN. The student chooses the

topic himself. Doing so, it gives the student more confidence. The student will then make

the speech at the hall before teachers and fellow students. There will be a panel of teachers

who will be evaluating the student’s speech. A question and answer portion will follow to

see how much the student has mastered his speech as well as to check the spontaneity of

his answers. For a student’s improvement to be witnessed by the teachers and other

students is the best way to cap one’s successful stint in CNN.


Usually the themes for the group presentations are based on summer and winter seasons.

Summer or winter practices in different countries are used as themes in the programs.

Regardless of nationality, age or gender, this is a venue to learn other peoples’ cultures and

develop the students’ social and leadership skills.


The juniors also participate in the presentations. It opens doors for learning opportunity on

leadership and social skills. Best of all, the interaction provides them a chance to practice

their English and make new friends.


In the Sparta Course, there is what is called RST or remedial class conducted by the dorm

teachers; the focus in on vocabulary building and their usages. In addition, a monthly

speech contest is held where the students could apply whatever vocabulary they have been



The Sparta students have a weekly vocabulary test, as a tool for word memorization. The

words are then applied in sentences. This system has greatly aided the Sparta students as

can be seen in their improvement in class performance and the outcome of their speech



Only Sparta Course students can participate in this contest. The students have the free

reign on choosing their topics. Each individual comes out carrying a unique theme—one

theme was about his difficult childhood, while the other was of his first love. It serves as

sharing of life experiences among the students and at the same time, an occasion to test

their English skills.