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CNN CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM is a comprehensive, personalized and non-traditional English language
curriculum, tailored to be relevant and practical, yet an intensive training based on different subject
areas significant to a student’s learning.

CNN Customized Program (CS) consists of Modules, OPIC, WAP that are substantial and with innovative contents in such a way that there is an apparent and a tangible usage or application of the lessons after the duration of the course. The said program lasts from 6 to 8 hours a day, and is facilitated by CNN’s professional instructors, assuring skill development and progress of every student enrolled in the class. In one of the surveys conducted, it has helped 90% of those who took Systematic English Examinations achieve their desired mark. This achievement was attributed with their experience in CNN’s CS Program.



Developed and offered exclusively in CNN, our CS Program consists of a 7-step process. Each process is made up of 20 units, good for a month-long training. Subject areas (reading, writing and speaking) are hauled and turned into a series of lessons in support to the student’s interest or desired enhancement in order to achieve one’s learning objective.


CS OPIC Program concentrates on the students’ improvement on speaking skills. The program caters to the improvement on the different levels of verbal communication, from the usual daily expressions to formal settings. Throughout the process, various speaking areas are monitored such as generation of ideas, pronunciation, enunciation and fluency. Moreover, in this man-to-man class, the student is rehearsed through role-plays, spontaneous and in-depth conversations. In this manner, the learner is assured of getting the maximum benefit from the class, as one is able to apply all the lessons learned in real life scenario.


CS WAP Program is a thorough process which addresses concerns in proper word usage, spelling and command in grammar. Materials include tips and techniques on English vocabulary retention and improvement. In addition, rosters are arranged from basic or elementary to specialized uses of words and expressions. In the same way, the approach in teaching grammar is step-by-step to keep at pace with the learner. Man-to-man activities are customized in a manner that common mistakes, such as choice of word or word order, can be avoided. As a result, students are trained to construct proper and precise sentences, whether simple or complex ones.


On top of the standardized courses, CS Program offers its students one-of-a-kind curriculum that provides attention to a specific field of study, making the modules more effective than the usual courses offered by traditional schools. The selected lessons (reading, writing or speaking) intently corrects and improves one’s skills necessary to keep up with the increasing demand of today’s society with those with the English know-how. In addition, CS Electives include review classes for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and Business English which will supply the student the required and necessary preparations.



A course offered from Monday to Thursday at 3-5PM, accommodating up to 8 students in a class with lectures that allow students to participate in a real-life discussions. In the group, the learners are assessed whether the lessons are appropriately understood and applied. The student is thereby prepared some more by addressing both the grammar and the manner of the delivery of the English language.