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CNN offers a special Business Course for students with intermediate level that allows them to learn techniquesfor English composition such as office correspondences, business presentations and reports. They will also learn how to write with a variety of formats including those related to professional and formal writings. Furthering on with the course, the students will eventually learn key points on formal verbal communication from office to forum setting.


Business English 

General correspondence, business correspondence,memorandum and report writing, resume writing, and other skills related to a wide variety of business-related tasks.


Business English 

To convenea meeting, welcoming the participants, introducingand discussing agendaand conference proceedings, putting forward opinions and comments, expressing reactions, highlighting and organizing key points.

1:1 (2hrs) BE Vocabulary + 1:1 (2hrs) BE Writing + 1:4 (2hrs) OPS + 1:8 (2hrs) Listening Class- 320hrs / 8weeks


Business English (BE) Course is taught to business and soon-to-be business people who need to use it on a daily basis. The course aims to help the learners improve their performance on their profession through the application of prescribed business English grammar and expressions.


Business English course is typically taught to business people who need to use it on their daily lives to help improve their performance on their job

1:1(2hrs) B.E. Vocabulary- job interview terminologies
- contracts negotiations vacabulary
- modern business letters terms
- vocabulary for describing motivation factor
- office environment terminologies
1:1(2hrs)B.E. Writing- compose business correspondence
- e-mail etiquette
- report writing
- Job interview preparation
- writing memos, announcements
1:4(2hrs) Oral Presentation
Skills (OPS)
- Presentation skills
- Conducting effective interviews
- Business etiquette
- Telephone etiquette
- Effective communication
- Speeches
- Team building and interpersonal skills
1:8(2hrs)Listening Class
Listening to the tape
- Dictation
- Filling the blanks
Listening comprehension