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CNN language school regulations


Registration Rules
  1. Register with us

After you fill out an application in accordance with the prescribed short form for admission application fee and submit to the agent. This fee can be paid in the state that is not an official registration canceled, all trainees are living in the residence principle.


  1. Registration and payment costs

The Letter of Acceptance and an invoice will be sent within 3 days after admission application receipt, all costs must be paid until at least three weeks before start dates.


  1. Extends Course

Training time must expire before the application for an extension at least 4 weeks should be paid simultaneously with the application. However, on the date when the application within four weeks may be extended only when the deadline has not been registered.


Class Rules
  1. Class assignments and changes

All trainees will receive their class assignments via the placement test, if you want to change classes and teachers and can be changed after discussion with local representatives, is scheduled operations to zero.


  1. Additional classes

In addition to regular school classes to add, if desired, only the cost to be paid for the additional classes.


  1. Schedule and process re-arranged

Classes start time, depending on the local situation, adjust the schedule and program may be modified, level or lower than traditional courses to the level of the trainees after the test if high, can be re-arranged as a separate course. In these cases have the authority to change schools, financial compensation for the classes are not made.

  1. Alternative classes

Teachers leave me, force majeure events, if due to a personal leave of absence under the inevitable class proceeding is hard to be replaced by another teacher or class will be conducted as a supplement.



  1. Learning Tips

Do not miss the crust and for the lessons. If attendance is not good attention through interviews of personnel, it can give a warning.


  1. Temporary holidays and public holidays

Temporary holidays and public holidays (Philippine National Holiday) has no class. In addition, compensation will be made ​​for local holidays.

2015 nyeon Philippines holidays

  1. Regular Holidays

New Year’s Day – 1 January (Thursday)

Maundy Thursday – 2 April

Good Friday – 3 April

ArawngKagitingan – 9 April (Thursday)

Labor Day – 1 May (Friday)

Independence Day – 12 June (Friday)

National Heroes Day – 31 August (Last Monday of August)

Bonifacio Day – 30 November (Monday)

Christmas Day – 25 December (Friday)

Rizal Day – 30 December (Wednesday)



  1. Special (Non-Working) Day

Chinese New Year – 19 February (Thursday)

Black Saturday – 4 April

Ninoy Aquino Day – 21 August (Friday)

All Saints Day – 1 November (Sunday)

Additional special (non-working) days          – 2 January (Friday)

– 24 December (Thursday)

Last Day of the Year – 31 December (Thursday)

  1. Special Holiday (for all schools)

EDSA Revolution Anniversary – 25 February (Wednesday)


  1. Certificates

And it must attend at least 90% of the total school days, both the level of testing that is conducted every four parking should seek completion is acknowledged to issue a certificate. If you do not meet the above conditions, ten thousand and one certificate issued it will be made.

Refund Policy

1. Cancellation and refund details details

  1. Fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
  2. Before departure if you cancel registration, must and must submit a written application to the agent or the Seoul representative office, leave if you cancel your registration three weeks ago is get a refund minus a dormitory costs of tuition and two weeks, since depart You may receive a refund if you cancel the same day, except for the amount of four weeks’ accommodation fee.
  3. All refund after departure shall apply in writing, in person,
    50% of the remaining solution yeonsubi refund requests based on less than 25% of the total refundable registration training period and,
    In the case of 25% after the training progression will refund request is impossible.
  1. Request a refund of my accident, illness or immediate family will be refunded 50% of the remaining training costs. In this case, the trainee shall submit the proof (medical certificate), all the refund will be refund within 30 days through our representative office. (However, the remaining period must be at least four weeks)
  2. When extended cancel the registration schedule two weeks before the start of one case, a 50% refund on the cost of training and application, since the refund is not possible.
  3. The minimum registration period of refund requests (8 weeks) or less, the minimum attendance is not mandatory refund is applicable.


  1. Cut class and class delay
  2. Dates not keep or made refunds and compensation for any absences part due to US arrival Not.
  1. Or reasons outside of our control happen, natural disasters (hurricanes, power outages, earthquakes, etc.), such as force majeure reasons If you did not proceed because of lessons, the school does not accept any liability, compensation also been made not.



  1. Toegyo

Due to non-compliance with school rules if toegyo action has not been made any refund, trainees can not hold any responsibility for them to the school.



Limits of authority and responsibility
  1. If due to reasons of force majeure (airline delays and cancellations, etc.) The University does not receive the service provided by the school and its agents are not responsible for any damages. Also responsible for all activities that occur without receiving written permission from the school for any loss, not liable for damages.


  1. If due to changes in the external environment (exchange rate changes, tax increases, measures such as the government) has the right to change the school’s pricing policy. And sikilsu reserves the right to change the school rules and policies.


  1. Rights for all classes and schedules, change, and configuration information for you in school.


  1. Trainees are in violation of school rules or, in the case that interfere with the learning environment We are careful about their students, and to give a warning, if it is not, despite corrective three or more warnings can toegyo action against those trainees which has the authority.


  1. Toegyo measures has the authority and, in some cases school staff have problems with personal relationships between teachers and the school does not make any compensation and liability.


  1. If inflicting damage to the school, not just the purpose, said the school has the right to name the Gini toegyo for its trainees, you can also claim for damages.


  1. If there is a problem to the trainees, the school may notify the agent and guardian of the trainees. You can also inform about the warning and toegyo.


Other provisions


  1. If you want to change classes because of the skills of the trainees it is unavoidable, the school has the right to be re-deployed for a class of trainees, in this case, the trainee can not ask for any financial compensation.


  1. Trainee occurrence of additional costs (SSP, visa extension, expenses, course changes, dormitories move, etc.) are required to pay that amount.


  1. Trainee classes concessions and related costs are not transferred to others (including family members) in addition to yourself.


  1. Details about the illness of individuals and paperwork required to inform the school upon written application form or agents, and even if the violation does not assume any responsibility for the disease, can be toegyo action if necessary.


  1. Otherwise all conditions and is based on the University’s rule.