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Hello everyone. Today’s topic will be motivation.
How many times have you started something the just went, “Why do I even do this? It is pointless.” Then swoosh- you break the cycle of studying and all the hard work for nothing.
It just means that you don’t have strong reasons to pursue your goals. When there is little excitement in what you’re trying to achieve, a natural tendency is to relax, stop trying to break your comfort zone and do nothing.
How to find motivation
1. Some say fuel yourself with a sense of competition.
Although brain and thought are like your workshop, you can make them believe in many things.
2. Find a reason stemming from practical purposes.
Like reading newspapers, magazines and books, and watching youtube and movies.
3. Another good way is just surrounding yourself with the same minded people.
When you see that every day someone is asking questions, learning something, seeking the right path, it suddenly makes you feel like you need to take action as well.
4. Set goals far beyond of what you’re capable of.
But be careful, because if you set them too high, you might get a decline in your motivation.
5. The best source is internal one.
You just have to love the language and how it sounds.
This is teacher Gehazi for this week’s column.
Always remember to praise yourself, start managing your time, and set plans. Small steps at a time, but push yourself to new limits.
Thank you for listening.